Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Elemenz Better Health Therapies - Jenifer Shaw - Vancouver Canada
Can't thank Jenifer enough, always a great facial, but if there is another problem, she goes out of her way to "fix" it (which she did)! She is always concerned, she's great, in my books!
Barbara Gillingham

Jeni always puts her clients first - you can count on her helping you to the best of her ability as she truly cares about people - a natural healer.
Pat De Ath

Had ANOTHER marvelous treatment yesterday. Jennifer always goes out of her way to help with any extra or unforeseen things that come up in your life, what a find!!! I always look forward to a very relaxing time, thanks a bunch Jen.
Barbara Gillingham

When no amount of lotion slathered on my very dry skin worked, I concluded it would require an "inside" job. Enter Jenifer Shaw who suggested the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Care Supplements. I cannot believe the difference! Obviously, I was missing something in my diet and these supplements worked their magic within 4-5 weeks. I would highly recommend these awesome products to anyone with dry skin.

Confidence as one gets older can become a challenge. It's a youth oriented culture. Comparison among / between ourselves is systemic. It's a challenge getting older. As one looks in the mirror the question might be 'is this really me' as white hair and wrinkling skin looks back at you. So, we can act or we can allow gravity to do her thing and to pull her to pull us down. It's an individual choice to stay as contemporary and as beautiful as possible. I choose 'fight' not 'flight'.
N. C.

I had another good treatment today, Jennifer was interested in a problem I was having with my feet and she went the extra mile to help me, I certainly am happy with my visits, will continue to go back. Stay well yourself Jen!
Barbara Gillingham

Amazing insight into what is happening in your body without invasive xrays or tests. I went to the appointment not knowing what to expect as a friend gave me this wonderful gift. Jenifer was kind and intuitive and by the end of the session I was felt I had more information on how my body was functioning at that moment than I ever had. She is wonderful to talk to and has great advice on issues, both physical and/or attitude, to take home.
M. W.

Elemenz- like an oasis. super relaxing full body massage. invigorating and soothing. I look forward to my next one!
Lynda Noel

Jeni is the best. Loving care is experienced through her gentle touch. The tranquility of the surroundings puts you to ease and relaxation. It's an absolute must for those days where you need to float away from it all.

What a treatment, Jennifer went out of her way to help my cracked hands and feet, as well as a great facial and make-up consultation, just gets better and better.
Barbara Gillingham

I had my second wonderful treatment and what I especially like is that besides getting a facial, Jennifer does a nice massage on your feet/legs, hands/arms and neck/shoulders. I certainly felt like I got the 'full meal deal'. I will continue by visits, and continue my well being, thank you Jennifer!
Barbara Gillingham

I have been going to Jeni for many years for staying healthy. She has been unfailingly helpful and caring, as well as knowledgeable. Highly recommend her services.
Pat De Ath

Jeni was recommended to me for a nice facial, which I went to enjoy, but so much more than a facial, while I enjoyed my facial, I also enjoyed a foot massage, as well as arms & hands, then shoulders & neck, what a treat. On finishing I felt I had died & gone to heaven, the added perk was the fact that I am a cancer survivor & that special treatment helps to keep things moving along. I would highly recommend Jeni, I know I will be going back!
Barbara Gillingham

For me, the only way to describe the good fortune of discovering Jenifer is grace. Have experienced two amazing treatments, the first one a combination of raindrop, hot stone & Indian head massage & the second one active release technique followed by reflexology. The two treatments shifted & released the sciatica I was experiencing for which I am very grateful. Jenifer is very compassionate, listens deeply & attunes to what is needed in the moment. It is a joy to visit Jenifer's healing space!
M. H.

Over the last few years I have seen Jeni for Biofeedback. Just recently I have also seen Jeni for a facial and reflexology and micro current . All have been incredibly relaxing. After each, I have left totally Relaxed and Rejuvenated. I am slowly returning to the person I remember.

Jenifer Shaw is truly the most outstanding Natural Therapist I know. Jeni is generous in sharing her knowledge and valued contacts with her clients. She is extremely caring, loving, insightful and kind. Jeni gives each individual that she works with her full attention...even beyond a scheduled appointment time, while resolving and researching the challenge.

Her expertise is wide spread. Facials and anti aging programs are just the beginning. For many of her clients/patients she has turned serious medical situations into manageable journeys.

With her life coaching skills, she had the ability to change my mind set towards embracing all obstacles and allowing movement forward with positive thoughts.

Jenifer has enriched my life greatly and I rely on her direction and guidance. Her presence in my life has been invaluable to me.

She has worked with me during the past 15 years. I am forever grateful for the care and attention I have received. My results are the best testimonial to her abilities. Hardships have been acknowledged and comfortably overcome while under her trusted and impeccable care. She is greatly loved.
Wendy Pollock

Recently experienced a biofeedback treatment with Jenifer & was amazed at how very quickly a core emotional issue was identified. With loving awareness, compassionate advice & empowering tools offered by Jenifer a beautiful foundation for self-healing has begun. Have noticed a transformative shift in perception & more clarity in the weeks following the treatment. Thank you Jenifer for your passionate commitment to the health & well-being of all, you're such a blessing & a light in this world!
M. H.

Jenifer is a very caring person who is dedicated to trying to help people improve their health. I have had good success with ongoing biofeedback treatments, especially in the areas of balancing body systems and stress management. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure she began treating that problem with very good results - enough so that my GP encourages me to continue with this on a regular basis. I feel Jenifer contributes greatly to my desire for optimal health.
Pat, West Vancouver BC Canada

I am wheelchair bound with MS. One of my symptoms is frequent urination. So much so, that it was having a severe impact not only on my quality of life, but I also started to suffer with sleep deprivation. I approached Jeni who suggested that we try Biofeedback. That was 5 years ago.

Since following this weekly Biofeedback treatment, I can put my hand on my heart and say that I have my life back again. I now only get up once a night -if that- and urination during the day has gone from once an hour to once every three to four hours.
Jill, West Vancouver BC Canada

I had a lump the size of a pea at the top of my inner thigh near the groin area, and I've been monitoring it every morning after my shower. Yesterday I had a biofeedback session with Jenifer and she worked on my immune and lymph systems. I was amazed to discover after my shower this morning that the lump is now the size of a grain of rice.

During the same biofeedback session, Jeni also worked on my bladder. Instead of waking up every two hours to answer the call of nature, I only woke up twice last night and the quality of my sleep was much deeper and more restful.
E. S., Vancouver

Jenifer is a true 'Miracle Worker'. My neck is 95%, so I thought I'd give it a couple of weeks if it is not 100% by then, I will call for another appointment.
M.L., North Vancouver

I have had several massages with Jenifer. It's a great stress and headache reliever, so good that with my second pregnancy I decided to incorporate it during labor. It brought about deep relaxation and helped me focus on the positive outcome of the birth of my child. I thoroughly enjoyed the treatments which were a perfect supplement to my hypnosis birthing visualization routine.

The combination of these two modalities was a life saver and contributed greatly to my feeling of well being empowering me to give my baby a natural & normal birth. It is a calm, relaxing and energizing experience - a gift from the hands of an amazing healer. I highly recommend this along with the reflexology treatments which I also had during my pregnancy. Jeni you truly have an amazing gift.
L. K., Sunshine Coast BC Canada

I have come to know Jenifer as a dear friend, a healer, a therapist - a very special person with very special gifts. A Reflexology session with Jeni begins with the anticipation of a magical hour enveloped by the warmth of her cosy room, where soft music and candlelight add to the atmosphere. To be tucked into a warm bed and have your feet attended to first with warm water then soothing cream is relaxation at its finest. With gentle but firm manipulations, sleep may not be far off, but to remain at least partially awake, is to savour the
experience to the fullest extent. Jenifer is truly a master of her craft. You come away with a feeling of well-being and contentment. Thank you for being here, I am so grateful to have you in my life!

Jenifer has been lifting my facial muscles with the anti aging facial procedure with 'Perfector' Non surgical facial lifting for almost 10 years now. I can honestly say I haven't aged physically in 10 years in my face- when it starts to show some age, I book with Jenifer and she lifts my entire face up, from the neck to my eyebrows.

The procedure is painless, enjoyable and transforming and it feels great when strangers say "you certainly don't look your age". I recommend her expertise and don't wait... RUN to see Jeni. You will be amazed - tell your best friends too!
L. W., West Vancouver Canada

Close to ten years ago I took a look in the mirror and found that I was looking at someone much older than I felt! I consider myself very fortunate that at the time a friend was seeing Jeni for her anti-aging facial and highly recommended her to me. I made an appointment as soon as possible and have been going ever since.

I find the appointments to be a very cozy, relaxing and de-stressing time in my busy life. Jeni's genuine caring and compassion also is very comforting. At the end of the treatment I walk out feeling as well as looking younger...much younger. In fact, most people have been quite shocked to hear my real age and have stated that they thought my age to be ten years less than it actually is.

Thank you Jeni for helping me look the age I feel and in doing so giving such a boost to my self esteem!
I. W., Vancouver, BC

I want to share with you my experience with the reflexology, bio feedback and hot stone therapy treatment I had at Jenifer Shaw's clinic while recovering from chemotherapy for bladder cancer and prostrate cancer as well. I was feeling drained of energy, nauseous and extremely weak.

The reflexology sessions were most relaxing and often I fell sound asleep during them. When I woke I felt completely re-vitalised and more positive. The hot stone therapies seemed to give an inner strength and left one with much more energy. The biofeedback treatments were incredible as they seemed to change one's whole out look on life to a much more positive frame of mind and this lasted for a considerable time.

There is no doubt the above helped me recover completely and I wholeheartedly recommend these deeply relaxing treatments to anybody looking to add a holistic approach working together with traditional medicine during the treatment phase leading into the recovery phase of cancer or any life-threatening disease. The sessions were handled in a very professional and caring manner in an atmosphere of calm and peace.
M. G. P., Vancouver BC

I first met Jenifer in 2011. She instantly made me feel comfortable as though I'd known her for years. We started working on a weight loss program and that was successful. Shortly after I experienced the saddest loss in my life when my Mother passed away. I kept thinking of Jeni and went for a biofeedback treatment, with the bio mat. I was able to share my loss and it was truly a healing hug! Her makeup tips made me feel better as well. I call Jenifer when life feels like a train wreck and I want to feel myself again. An hour with her is truly a wonderful healing experience.
T. H., North Vancouver BC Canada

As I am wheelchair bound with MS and I am no longer able to drive, Jeni makes weekly house visits which means I am relaxed in my own environment and not stressed out by battling with public transport ....and the get to her clinic for therapy that has changed my quality of life. The visits are fun, totally uplifting and life changing!
Jill, West Vancouver Canada


Jenifer has been working with our dog Lester, for over a year, since he was diagnosed with bone cancer. She has shown great compassion and kindness to us through Lester's illness and aided in his recovery from a leg amputation. To-date, she has helped us extend Lester's time with us from a prognosis of 1-3 months, to 18 months and counting! We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their pet's health!
Chris & Cora Chok (Lester)

PreciousThere is an angel on earth, a true believer in her own powers - Jenifer Shaw of Elemenz, reigns beyond majestic when it comes to her healing and spiritual strengths. Her truly compassionate, guiding and special spirit is healing unto its own self. And I am here to tell you that I am now a complete believer in her rare gifts.

On Dec. 13th, 2013, my dear rescue and therapy dog, Precious, was asked to be put down by a prominent Vancouver veterinary specialist based on their clinical testing. Apparently, she had a tumour, 9cm x 15cm, which had eaten up most of her liver. If it were to be taken out, there would be no liver left to function on. Her blood counts were in the thousands instead of the hundreds, she had fluid in her lungs and other organs. She was a mess, swollen, toxic, no appetite, very clearly looking like the last of her days.

Jenifer urged me not to put her to sleep and to let her work on Precious for a while aiming toward better results from follow up testing. She put Precious on a specific diet regime, ordered a liver cleanse, did energy work and mostly worked miracles with her biofeedback expertise. And in just a few short weeks, SHE HEALED MY DOG!! One month later, Precious went for her follow up testing and her blood count and chemistry are perfect. The tumour is still there but it has not grown and most of all Precious is the HEALTHIEST and happiest she's ever been in her life.

I strongly urge anyone who has been given 'terminal' news from medical doctors or veterinarians to open their eyes to the realm of hope and healing that seems to come so effortlessly from Jenifer at her relaxing West Vancouver Elemenz, Better Health Therapy studio.

Heather Fowler

Fitness Trainer, Artist & Animal Lover

Jenifer has helped rejuvenate my senior dog. Thanks  for being pivotal in rejevenating my senior dog's health. Since we first came to you for biofeedback treatments several months ago, he has steadily improved. Other people have commented on how good he looks and how his energy has improved. It is quite impressive.
A. P.

I recently took my dog for biofeedback, following dental surgery and ill health. Jenifer was so gentle and kind. She was able to use the biofeedback program to see what the Vet had diagnosed, and even more. I feel a renewed sense of wellbeing knowing that together we are addressing these issues. Thank you Jenifer!
P. D., West Vancouver

Jenifer was so gentle, caring, kind, and compassionate. Buddy was struggling after having dental surgery, ill health, and general aging. All his issues were piling up, and Jenifer helped to sort them out piece by piece and identify some key health points, AND how to rectify them. The biofeedback treatment was non invasive and harmless to people and animals. My dog didn't even notice anything, except that he calmly lay down while it was happening. Jenifer made it clear to me that she was not a Vet, but explained health issues as she saw them through the biofeedback program. Suggestions were made for dietary changes and dental cleaning (non-anesthesia),etc I am thankful for having an alternative for my dog's health. Of course we will continue to see the Vet. I am hesitant to use the food that I bought at the Vet's where the first ingredient is 'corn' and now I have some good suggestions for healthy alternatives. Thank you Jenifer!
A. P., North Vancouver

I am so glad I took my dog Ninja to see Jenifer Shaw. She has a true gift of healing and her loving compassion is really evident in her work. Ninja was so relaxed the whole time he was there for his Biofeedback session and always looks forward to his next session. I had many concerns about his health but Jeni was able to get a clear picture of exactly what was going on. The capabilities of the Biofeedback are so amazing, and so precise. We were able to focus on exactly the issues that came up. It was such a relief. Finally I knew how to help him. He is so healthy now and I am so grateful!
A. F., North Vancouver
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