Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Elemenz Better Health Therapies - Jenifer Shaw - Vancouver Canada
All cells in the body resonate at a certain frequency and they network together to keep our body in harmony. Stress produces erratic frequencies or vibrations that lead to disharmony. Our body senses that the energy is out of balance when it affects us on a physical level. This is when we notice something is wrong and symptoms such as headache, fever etc. presenting themselves. INDIGO BIOFEEDBACK is totally non-invasive and comfortable.

Just as an instrument needs to be 'in tune' to be in harmony, so does our body. If we keep our energetic body in tune, we will keep our physical body in better health too.

INDIGO BIOFEEDBACK stress reduction utilizes an electro-dermal response for training a client to control their stress and to improve health by using signals from their own body. Once the 3 minute assessment has been run the frequencies can be applied in order to help you energetically correct and reduce the stressors within your body. This treatment is used comfortably and with great success on children, adults and animals.


DISCLAIMER: INDIGO BIOFEEDBACK is Licensed by Health Canada and not designed to diagnose, treat, heal or cure, but is a device used in the management of stress. Only a licensed physician can diagnose or medicate a patient.

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