Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE, also known as 'champissage' the Indian word for 'massage', has been practiced for more than 4000 years. It is a form of natural holistic therapy using the techniques of human therapeutic touch on the scalp to induce deep relaxation.

It seeks to work with the body's own natural healing efforts - focusing on the upper body, back, shoulders, neck and head areas which are most vulnerable to stress and tension.

Techniques include deep kneading and compression of the neck, shoulder and scalp areas as well as gentle stimulation and stroking of pressure points on the face. Through relaxation, it works on the physical, mental and subtle levels of the body producing physical harmony, healing, vitality, and good, old-fashioned relaxation to provid relief from:
  • headaches / migraines
  • TMJ
  • eye strain
  • Tinnitus
  • stiff shoulders, back & neck
  • dizziness & loss of concentration
  • stresses of labour & childbirth
Indian Head Massage
Results after the Indian Head massage are total relaxation and a feeling of well being, free of tight or stiff shoulders and neck muscles, leaving one in a surreal state of deep peace and calm with increased alertness and concentration.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE can be administered while fully clothed with the choice of also using oil blends on the scalp and face and works in harmony with Reflexology, Biofeedback stress reduction and anti-aging treatments.

DISCLAIMER: INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE is used as a relaxation technique to restore balance to mind and body resulting in the feeling of wellbeing and does not claim to replace any medical treatments or diagnosis. Please note this is not an RMT service.

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