Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
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The primary objective of REFLEXOLOGY is to work with the bodies' own natural healing ability to help connect, restore and maintain the balance between mind, body and emotions. This is achieved by working on the reflexes of the feet which correspond to our various body organs.

It is believed that disease and illness are psychosomatic and stress related. Fear, anger, insecurity and anxiety have the effect of draining the body, obstructing the free flow of energy, making it more susceptible to disease.

Theoretically REFLEXOLOGY 'taps the life force' of the body by flushing through and replenishing the 'energy flow' creating a deep relaxation state known as the 'ALPHA STATE', the most serene level at which healing can take place.

Reflexology Benefits

  • stress & tension release
  • calms inner turmoil, balancing mind, body & emotions
  • regulates imbalances
  • improves circulation
  • increases natural energy level
  • muscle relaxation
Reflexology Stress Reduction Therapy

Language of the Feet

This technique is used by a skilled Reflexologist to help determine the character and subconscious state-of-mind of the recipient. The marks of life's experiences are reflected in the feet long before being mirrored by the physical body. For example the heavier the thought, the greater the burden, the more swollen the feet will become together with the possible manifestation of bunions.

DISCLAIMER: REFLEXOLOGY is used as a relaxation technique applied to the feet to restore balance to mind and body resulting in the feeling of well being and does not claim to replace any medical treatments or diagnosis. Please note this is not a RMT service.

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