Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
Natural Health Therapies to Revitalize & Restore
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Look & Feel Younger Today! Experience This Scientific Breakthrough!

Perfector Micro Current 'for facial sculpting' is able to stimulate and speed up the rate at which skin produces connective tissue fibers (Collagen & Elastin) increasing the supportive structure of the dermis. It helps reduce and refine large pores and scar tissue, giving the skin a finer, smoother and healthier appearance. Within weeks, wrinkles will disappear, acne will heal, and discoloration and scars will diminish.

The Perfector Micro Current 'for facial sculpting' system is not only dramatic but also long lasting. Most importantly, Perfector has a regenerative effect. It increases the local metabolism of the skin and muscle tissue, resulting in a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment.

The deeply relaxing, non-surgical and pain-free sessions vary from 4 – 12 treatments, depending on clients' requirements, skin condition and budget. A monthly maintenance session is required to maintain your youthful appearance by turning back the hands of time naturally.
Perfector Micro Current Therapy

What to expect from a 60 min. session with PERFECTOR Micro Current

  • visible results after 1 session
  • painless, non-invasive & deeply relaxing
  • facial muscles are re-educated, lifted & firmed on all levels
  • stimulates cell regeneration
  • firms, refines, tones the skin & large pores
  • wrinkles are gently 'ironed' away
  • aging lines are softened
  • skin takes on a glowing youthful experience
  • beneficial for both men & women

Clayton Shagal Products are Suggested For Use in Conjunction With This Therapy

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